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Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey!
Travelling is all about experiences. They can happen in terms of  culture, people, places but most importantly with ones own self and this is all about the different ways in which travelling can change you.
When Hirak and George set out on their 35 day adventure trip on their JAWA bike, they didn’t realise how it would change their lives. Read their story to understand the real essence of the word ADVENTURE.
The Pillion Rider is a recollection of the personal experiences during a motorbike trip that Flight Lieutenant George Kuruvilla and Brigadier Hirak Kar, happened to undertake in the Monsoon of August 1971. At that time, the author was in his early twenties.  When two young intrepid minds get together, adventures materialise. And then as budding adventurers and explorers the author and his air force pilot buddy decided to drive down to Delhi on a motorcycle. The mere thought of being on the road, two young men on their bike with nothing to worry about other than keeping their tanks and stomachs filled, thrilled them to no end.
They had made no firm plans when they began their trip. The only plan was to get out of Calcutta and go to Delhi to attend an NDA course mate’s wedding and leave no stones unturned to enjoy themselves. They were neither equipped financially nor did they possess the required support equipment. However, what they had was the pluck and determination to make the trip a success. And what a success it was!

This book is about a journey in a time when the price of one litre of petrol in India was, well, unbelievably—Rupee one and forty Naya Paise only. It must also be told that all events, characters and places in this little book are true and real, however, at a few places names have bee changed, or not mentioned at all out of courtesy, as quite a few of the characters in my tale may have reasons to take offence if their names appear connected to certain events.

 The hospitality that George and the author were showered with, during their thirty-five days expedition, would possibly be implausible in today’s India. Every place that they passed through and
every individual they met, displayed a different variant of hospitality, from almost free food in roadside dhabas to parties, even though they were strangers to them. Perhaps, the attraction lay in meeting two rugged and dark looking defence officers, donned in helmets (something new in those days) on a motorbike expedition.

 The hospitality that George and​ ​Hirak​ were showered with during​ ​their​ journey, may possibly be implausible today. The​ ​adventure​ drove home the fact that India is a great country and its people far greater, full of love and very large​-hearted.​ Monsoon rains of August, roads with potholes filled with water, slushy berms of roads, stray cattle, ​​​l​ack of money​​ and road accidents made no dent on​ ​their​ determination to continue with the journey and party as​ ​they​ travelled along.Adventure is not only about thrill, danger and fun….it is also something invisible that brings people really close. Enjoy ​their​ experiences and plan your next adventure​ soon​​.​

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