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“A barista spends 3 minutes making you a $6 latte, you tip her. A writer spends a year writing a book; and you complain that $4.99 is too high!”
The above tweet from Robert Swartwood says it all.
Every author needs support. It takes a lot of support for authors to keep their careers rolling.
You can support an author in many different ways without spending a dime on it.  Some of them are simple and really easy.
1. Share that author and their books with everyone you know, your family, friends, in real life and online. Talk about it as much as you can.
2. Rate and review books online. Ratings and review play an important part in promoting a book and leaving comments on Amazon or Goodreads take only 5 minutes.
3. Encourage reading in your home and in your community.
4. Blog about your favourite books and authors, especially the new ones.
Buying a book, reading it, reviewing it,  blogging about it, recommending it, gifting it, sharing it, or by just talking about it and spreading the love for reading is one of the very best ways that you can support your favorite authors and books.

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