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A romance novel is like a tub of ice-cream eaten when no one’s looking. Deep down we are all constantly craving for connecting with others and forming meaningful bonds.  Someone we can share everything with, someone we can trust, with our deepest secrets, and our scariest moments and our darkest, most wicked fantasies. Someone we can rely on to never betray us and to love us as we have always secretly desired to be loved. And if we can’t have that in real life, we at least want our beloved fictional characters to have it.
What everyone really wants is happily ever after.
People criticise romance novels for being cheesy and sappy with no value in them.
But many romance novelists are fabulous authors. Most novels are humorous, witty, easy to read, who lead you to a make-believe , exciting world.
Yes they are mostly full of cliche`s and are pure escapism, but it’s nice to see someone overcome seemingly impossible odds. Reading romance can bring sunshine on a really gray and cloudy day.

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